SuperScript® III Reverse Transcriptase (RT) is a proprietary mutant of SuperScript® II RT that is active at 50°C and has a half-life of 220 minutes, providing increased specificity with Gene-Specific Primers (GSPs) and the highest cDNA yield of all RTs. It is ideal for RT-PCR of a specific gene or generating cDNA from total or poly (A)+ RNA sample. Like SuperScript® II, it synthesizes a complementary DNA strand from single-stranded RNA, DNA, or an RNA:DNA hybrid. SuperScript® III RT is genetically engineered by the introduction of point mutations that increase half-life, reduce RNase activity, and increase thermal stability.

• Thermostability – Half life of 220 minutes at 50°C
• Yield – Reduced RNase H activity for more full-length cDNA
• Specificity – Full activity at 50°C for increased specificity with Gene Specific Primers
• Applications – Array labeling, cDNA libraries, RT-PCR, primer extension, and 3´ and 5´ RACE

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